"We hold thses truths to be self-evident. . .
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. . ."

The truly unthinkable happened in Susquehanna County on July 30, 2014. The very old, very proud, and (some) very ‘elite’ members of the Susquehanna County Republican County Committee voted--by an overwhelming majority--to VIOLATE the by-laws of the County Committee, by agreeing to proceed with a meeting illegally called.

The Republican Committee by-laws are on file with the County Board of Elections (at the office of the Voter Registrar) in the County Courthouse. However, until members of the local TEA Party got hold of them and made copies for their members, few, if any, county committeemen had ever seen them. Even the so-called ‘executive board members’ were unable or unwilling to produce copies of the County or State By-laws (or voluntarily admit to their existence). Copies of the "ad hoc" committees - the Susquehanna County Republican ‘C’ Club, Young Republicans Club and even the highly vaunted Susquehanna County Council of Republican Women - were never provided to the Committee members. None of these was in the possession of the Party Chairman, as called for in the Committee By-laws (or at least that's the Chairman's story).  

The TEA Party was able to get hold of the Committee (County and State) By-laws, the ‘C’ Club By-laws and the Young Republicans By-laws. The "lawyer" member of the Susquehanna County Council of Republican Women stated, at a May 14 meeting of the Committee, that she would have to ‘check with the State’ council to find out if it was ‘legal’ to share the by-laws of the Council of Republican Women. Bear in mind that this woman is a lawyer (and the County's Assistant District Attorney), that the ‘Council’ collects dues from its members and that the pledge taken at every meeting of the Council contain the following: “I pledge my loyalty to the Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women and my efforts to further its aims.....and to promote honest government and unselfish patriotism.” But no one can see the by-laws. Doesn’t seem too ‘honest,’ does it! To this day, the By-laws have not been made available to members of the Republican County Committee.  

But I digress.

The organizational meeting of the Susquehanna County Republican Committee was called for June 25, 2014. The by-laws strictly spell out how a meeting is to be called: by mail, with the minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda for the meeting to be called. This meeting was "called" via a postcard mailed to committee members from the ‘Chairman (No Minutes of the previous meeting were printed on the postcard; same, same to the agenda of the meeting being "called.") Until committee members had received copies of the by-laws, in late May, few knew the proper procedure and the ‘Chairmen,’ past and present, never made any attempt to follow them, even though they DID POSSESS them.  

The organizational meeting proceeded (illegally) with the new Chair being elected, even though she was not a committeeman (Surprisingly, it IS legal for someone whose never received a single vote for the office of committeeman to walk right in and take the Chairman's seat!). She made a statement before the vote that she DIDN'T need to be a committee member, ACCORDING TO THE BY-LAWS! So, she KNEW OF the by-laws and what they contained! Of course she did! The latest version of the by-laws, on file in the County Courthouse, was filed in 2007, WHEN SHE WAS CHAIR PERSON OF THE COMMITTEE!

The next meeting of the Committee, according to the By-laws, necessarily HAD to take place within five (5) days of the organizational meeting (held on June 25th--the last legally permissible date under state election law) to elect District Area Representatives. Obviously, that means the meeting to elect the District Area Representatives should have been held no later than JUNE 30th.  

Instead, a ‘pizza party’ and ‘regular meeting’ was called, 35 days after the organizational meeting, again via postcard for July 30. Again, no agenda, no minutes - in violation of the by-laws.  

On July 30, the ‘meeting’ was called to order at 6:30 pm. At that instant, an elected Committeewoman rose to a point of order, declaring the meeting to be illegal, for the reasons stated. She cited Rule 2.7 of the By-laws of the committee AND Election Law in her point of order that the meeting was not legally called and could not proceed as an official meeting.  

Present at this meeting was the Assistant District Attorney (the lawyer who stated that she had to check with the ‘State’ Women’s group to find out if it was "legal" to distribute copies of their by-laws), along with the Representatives of the 110th and 111th Pennsylvania House Districts. Also present was the ‘State Committeeman’ for the Susquehanna County Republican Party.

The Committeewoman who was challenging the legality of the meeting presented, when asked, a law book containing the relevant Statute (PA Title 25, Section 2837) which bound fidelity of the County Committee to both their own Party By-laws and to the State Republican Party By-laws. The ‘lawyer’ took the law book and read two sentences from the applicable section, and then stated she couldn’t "interpret" the law. The challenging Committeewoman asked her to read the NEXT sentence, which stipulates EXACTLY what was required and needed no ‘interpretation.’ When the attorney refused to do so, the challenging Committeewoman quoted the next sentence, that being deterministic of the issue at hand. (Could the lawyer have been attempting to obfuscate the matter for the purpose of circumventing both the by-laws and applicable state election law! One wonders!) 

After a few barbs from the "audience," the Chairwoman asked the challenger for a solution. The only reasonable one would be to sustain the point of order that was raised and to postpone the meeting until such time as the Party had complied with its own By-laws. The Chairwoman would have none of it, and so DENIED the challenging committeewoman's point of order. The challenging Committeewoman immediately appealed the ruling of the Chair to the full County Committee, and as was her right demanded a roll call vote of the entire membership of the County Committee to overturn the arbitrary exercise of authority on display by the Chair.

During the back and forth, it was revealed that the Chairwoman had illegally appointed several new committee members (in violation of the by-law procedures) and that she LIED about a committeeman being ‘elected’ lawfully as of June 25th (final day to accept write-in election). She was reminded that the courthouse had closed at 4:30 on that day and that some committee people had been present to get the actual list of elected and certificated committee people and left the courthouse when it closed. She could not back out of her untruth so she merely pressed on nonplussed.

The challenging Committeewoman pressed for a vote from the present committee members as to VIOLATE the By-laws, or to OBEY them. A "NO" vote was a vote to uphold the Chair's ruling, DENIAL of the point of order, and so VIOLATE the by-laws and continue the meeting. A "YES" vote was a vote to overturn the ruling of the Chair, DENIAL thereby requiring obedience to the By-laws with the end result being postponement of the meeting. 

Two Pennsylvania State House of Representatives who collectively represent parts or all of Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming Counties, as well as the Susquehanna County Assistant. D.A. AND the Susquehanna County Republican State Committeeman were all present when the roll-call vote was taken. The "NO's" (with extreme displays of pride and arrogance) crushed those seeking fidelity to the law by a better than three to one margin. 

Guess what! Justice, honor, integrity LOST to the concept of “Party over Principle,” or better stated by Saul Alinsky, ‘the ends justify the means.’ As several committeemen, both old-timers and neophytes, stated: “We got an election to win, don'tcha know!!!!”

One might excuse ignorant committee members who never laid eyes on the by-laws. One might, even by a long stretch, excuse ignorant, elitist, entrenched "Republicans" for their vote. But what of the attorney (an Assistant D.A., no less) defending the actions of the committee chair and co-chair, AND what of the two members of the State House who stood by and said NOTHING in defense of the law?  

Truly unthinkable? Maybe not in light of what happened to Tom Smith, Steve Lonegan, Chris McDaniel - and others. Maybe the smell of rot, corruption and putrefaction is not coming from the Democrats; just maybe it’s coming from establishment Republicans who value convenience over conviction, expedience over lawfulness, efficiency over ethics.

With great pride and flourish the Susquehanna County Republican Committee continued their meeting, displaying neither hints of hypocrisy while mouthing the Pledge of Allegiance, nor twinges of guilt during prayerful seeking of God's blessing in the aftermath of their lawlessness. A few Committeewomen, their moral codes violated, withdrew immediately having realized this was not the company they wished to keep. What a shame that the Party of Lincoln; the Grand Old Party that abolished slavery; the Party that once stood for individual liberty, property rights, and the rule of law now stands as the party of petty privilege with a system of values no better than those we previously and continue to oppose.

Rule 2.7 Notice of Meeting: Written notice of all meetings of the County Committee shall be given by the Secretary by depositing written notice of the meeting in the mail, properly addressed, postage paid and postmarked at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.  This notification shall be accompanied by agenda and minutes of the previous meeting.

Rule 3.7 Duties of the County Chairperson: a) The County Chairperson shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the County Republican Party, Susquehanna County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and as such shall put into operation these Rules....... 
5 Things To Remember Before You Quit And Say, ‘I’m Done With America’

Written by Doug Giles on July 20, 2014
Have you ever looked at all the schlock we’re currently mired in thanks to BHO’s “fundamental transformation” of America and thought, or actually said, “Screw it. I’m done. I officially don’t give a crap anymore.” I have. And I prize myself as being somewhat of a scrappy-faith-filled dude. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As a 51-year-old, I remember the good old days when we had at least quasi-legit leaders who gave a nominal flip about the continuation and betterment of this grand experiment called America. I recall how their affinity for our sacred principles afforded us a pretty good life, in relative peace, where we could pursue happiness while being left the heck alone. But now, with our current crapmeisters at the helm … eh, not so much as each side of the aisle seems pretty determined to destroy us, to the lining of their own pockets and power.

After I have these little pouting sessions of pathetic wussiness, I realize two things: 1). I’m being a hamster; and 2). Historically, that’s pretty much the crumble of the cookie, in that things usually turned repugnant before they turned around. Indeed, in the very formation of our blessed union we tend to forget King George’s oppressive hell spawned a defiant and free rebel nation; and that didn’t happen with ease or overnight.

For example, take the biblical narrative of the rise of King David and the renewal Israel had under his governance. I love bringing the Bible into this because the left so hates the Scripture. Please note that, before Israel’s heyday via David, they had hell to pay because of the damage done by lousy leaders.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what preceded that epic, Davidic transformation of morphing from being the Philistine’s redheaded step-child to being a free people under God:

1. Things got bad … real bad. Saul’s corrupt leadership, that was spawned by Israel’s decadent desires, effectively drove their country into the gutter and allowed their enemies an upper/oppressive hand. Sound familiar? And it got bad, folks. I’m talking real bad, as Israel became a cartoon of what she was originally intended to be. In this dilapidated state of Philistinian dominance, including Israel’s corruption and cowardice, arose a new leader named David. What appeared to be “the end” for Israel was actually only the beginning of a new day. Chew on that for a while.

2. New leaders emerged. For ancient Israel to extricate themselves from the slough of despond they were in, it demanded that new, principled leaders replace the sucky ones. Everything rises and falls on leadership. If things truly blow then it’s time to blow out the bosses. Oh, and by the way, transformational leadership will not be what you’re used to. David came out of left field. No one expected him to be chosen. No one thought he could fell the foul toad called Goliath, and those who did want to give him a shot tried to arm him with all the crap they had that didn’t work. The leaders we need will not be who we’d expect or pick. They will be unorthodox.

3. Motives for leading changed. David wasn’t trying to be a king. He didn’t have as a five-year plan that one day fair maidens would sing his praises and feed him grapes. He wasn’t trying to be a conservative star. He wasn’t trying to make a career out of this event. David’s motives were God and country. He wasn’t attempting to be the next Big Shiznah or the most popular slingshot artist in Israel. He just wanted to slay giants and save a nation.

4. Enemies were called out. David’s rise to power when Israel was nothing but a craven quail entailed the verbal scathing of the enemies of Israel. Check out how he vocally dealt with Goliath’s threats prior to his taking care of business. David wasn’t sweet or politically correct about what he thought about those who were Israel’s oppressive enemies.

5. Supernatural strength was fetched. David built himself up in God. If some dork thinks he’s going to change America because he’s fit and glib or she’s got freshly dyed blonde hair and new, fake boobs, they’re gonna get their butt handed to them by demonic forces that currently rule this roost. Youth and zeal are no match for age and treachery unless God be on your side. Yep, the new leaders who were the agents of godly change sought God for supernatural wisdom and strength; and they prayed in no uncertain way that God would waylay the enemies of truth, righteousness and justice.

So, little kiddies … we need to cheer up. You and I can’t curl up in the fetal position and wet our big diaper since things seem bad right now, because that’s exactly what the enemies of our nation would like us to do, namely … check out. Give up. Lose heart. Instead, we must realize the historical pattern of things usually gets real frickin’ bad before it gets better.

Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/07/5-things-remember-quit-say-im-done-america/#7jJ5IKe9s8JAkPET.99
Listed below are the results of the roll-call vote taken by the members of the Susquehanna County Republican Committee on July 30, 2014.  A 'nay' vote was a vote to VIOLATE the existing County and State Republican Committee By-laws, as well as Pennsylvania Election Law.  A 'yea' vote was a vote to UPHOLD both the Susquehanna County and State Republican Committee By-laws, as well as Pennsylvania Election Law.  The results of the vote should be astonishing to most, but sadly, it seems that it's business as usual.

DISTRICT                                              NAME                                                              VOTE TAKEN
Apolacon Township                               David R McGuigan                                            NAY

Ararat Township                                   Craig Benson                                                       NAY
                                                                Dianne Burman                                                  NAY

Auburn Township                                  Theodore C. Place                                               ABSENT
                                                                Sheralyn Hawk                                                  ABSENT                                                                
Bridgewater Township                            Gregory T. Liggett                                             ABSENT
                                                                Richard J. Nasser                                                NAY

Brooklyn Township                               OPEN

Choconut Township                              Carolyn E. Doolittle                                          ABSENT

Clifford Township                                  William Umberger                                            ABSENT

Dimock Township                                  Mark R. Wood                                                  ABSENT

Forest City Borough, 1W                       OPEN

Forest City Borough, 2W                       John P. Kameen                                                ABSENT
                                                               Christopher A. DeGonzague                           ABSENT

Forest Lake Township                           Edna K. Paskoff                                                YEA
                                                               Matthew K. Fearnley                                        NAY

Franklin Township                               Robert E. Darrow                                              NAY

Friendsville Borough                              OPEN

Gibson Township                                  Sigrid Perry Gustinucci                                    NAY
                                                              Susan M. Robinson                                           NAY

Great Bend Borough                              Brett Jennings                                                   YEA

Great Bend Township                          Brian W. O'Connor                                           NAY

Hallstead Borough                                OPEN

Harford Township                               Lillie M. Thomas                                               ABSENT

Harmony Township                            OPEN

Herrick Township                                OPEN

Hop Bottom                                          OPEN

Jackson Township                                Carol J. Carpenter                                            NAY
                                                              Susan K. Gagnon                                            ABSTAIN

Jessup Township                                  Lyle A. Oakes                                                   NAY
                                                              Alton G. Arnold                                               NAY

Lanesboro Borough                               Kerri Ellen Wilder                                             YEA
                                                              Sharon A. Glover                                             NAY

Lathrop Township                               Brenda M. Walter                                             YEA
                                                              Thelma F. Williams                                         YEA

Lenox Township                                    Fred Benson                                                     NAY

Liberty Township                                  OPEN

Little Meadows Borough                        OPEN

Middletown Township                           Richard M. Manjerovic                                   ABSENT
                                                               Mary K. Manjerovic                                       ABSENT

Montrose Borough, 1W                          David A. Darrow                                           NAY
                                                               Thomas J. Krupinski                                      NAY

Montrose Borough, 2W                           Charles E. Hill                                               NAY

New Milford Borough                            Jodi M. Morrison                                           ABSENT
                                                                Joyce A. Cobb                                               ABSENT

New Milford Township                           Alan Aronowitz                                           YEA
                                                                Carolyn J. Paccio                                           NAY

Oakland Borough                                   Marie Curtis                                                YEA

Oakland Township                                Nancy Lynn Narma                                    NAY

Rush Township                                       OPEN

Silver Lake Township                            Michael L. Redding                                       NAY

Springville Township                            Gary D. Traver                                             ABSENT

Susquehanna Borough, 1W                   OPEN

Susquehanna Borough, 2W                   OPEN

Thompson Borough                               OPEN

Thompson Township                            Craig G. Fries                                                ABSENT

Union Dale Borough                               Jospehine E. Hollis                                        ABSTAIN

A little "Eagle Rising" History
By Thomas Paine

Octavian, Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor, who died 2,000 years ago - on August 19, A.D. 14 - was reported by second-century Roman historian Dio Cassius, to have said of himself, "I found Rome a city of clay: I leave it to you in marble." His meaning encompassed not only the actual building of theaters, aqueducts, roads and other infrastructure, but also referred to the stability of Rome itself, after a long period of civil war, as a positive political and cultural entity which produced peace and prosperity across the Mediterranean sphere.

The echo of the Pax Romana, (Roman Peace) which Augustus fostered, was Rome at its zenith, which echoes down to the present time. The Romans were brilliant engineers, administrators, magistrates, legislators, military men and architects with a fondness for Greek culture and art. Western civilization was born in the traditions of Rome.

Their public buildings, many still standing today, were models for many United States of America buildings such as the Washington D.C. domed Capitol, as well as many others across the nation.

Augustus, Julius Caesar's adopted son and heir, was nineteen when he came to power as part of the second Triumvirate with Antony and Lepidus. They divided up the Roman realm among themselves and met to plan their actions.

The first order of business was to draw up a list of main political rivals and enemies...and proceeded to eliminate them...including the great orator Cicero, whose name appeared on Antony's list.

Eventually Augustus prevailed over all his rivals and was clever enough to clothe himself in the respected old Roman virtues and traditions so the people believed they had kept their freedoms and country, when in fact, all power resided in Augustus's sole control.

At his death, the nation was gripped by an outpouring of grief. He had lived for seventy-five years, ten months and twenty-six days - he had been born on the twenty-third of September and had been sole ruler for forty-four years, less thirteen days.

His funeral was suitably impressive.

After many processions with members of the senate, the knights and Praetorian Guard, the coffin, covered by a pall of ivory and gold, was placed on the pyre in the Campus Martinus, where all the priests marched around it.

The Praetorian Guard circled it at a run and threw on to it all triumphal decorations which any of them had ever received from the emperor for acts of valor.

After this the centurions took torches, as dictated by the senate, and set fire to the pyre from below.

As it was consumed an eagle was released from it and flew aloft to bear the emperor's spirit to heaven.

The symbol of strength in the eagle rising endures to today.

Today America has taken the eagle as her symbol and the picture painted by the rising eagle of Roman history also reminds us that we too can rise from our circumstances. America has been great and we can be great again.

This is original artwork from the book: Lamb of Liberty by William T. Newton. 

Source: Roman historian Dio Cassius quoted in "Words of the Ancient Romans: Primary Sources" and "From Founding to Fall: A History of Rome" - both authored by Don Nardo - The Lucent Library of Historical Eras.

Read more at http://eaglerising.com/8154/little-eagle-rising-history/#cDrokQmMhD6XoVPj.99